Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Break?...I don't think so!

It's been a while since I posted. December is always a crazy month for me getting ready for Christmas and having company. My sister came in town for her birthday and we had a fabulous girl weekend making lip gloss, soap, lotion, going to movies, and more! My girls had an extra week of school off because of the tons of snow we received. This made life even crazier! I didn't have much time to sit down and type let alone check my email. The snow was fun, but I'm glad it's gone. I think it is hilarious that our 2nd Christmas in Oregon is a white Christmas and we didn't have one white Christmas for all three years we lived in NY! Crazy! Isn't that a little backwards. Anyways, my Christmas holiday has been a blast spending time with my kids and Garth's family, but I've had little time to myself. Alizah also had a really weird form of Hand, Foot, and Mouth where she had a fever for 5 days straight and then got these gross mouth sores all over the inside of her mouth. She went through a whole bottle of Children's Motrin and a small bottle of infant's Tylenol during one week. It was miserable, but we survived. I'll post snow pictures and Christmas pictures as soon as I download them off my camera. For now this is all I have time for. It is already 12:45 pm and I still haven't showered. . . .life continues!