Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Break?...I don't think so!

It's been a while since I posted. December is always a crazy month for me getting ready for Christmas and having company. My sister came in town for her birthday and we had a fabulous girl weekend making lip gloss, soap, lotion, going to movies, and more! My girls had an extra week of school off because of the tons of snow we received. This made life even crazier! I didn't have much time to sit down and type let alone check my email. The snow was fun, but I'm glad it's gone. I think it is hilarious that our 2nd Christmas in Oregon is a white Christmas and we didn't have one white Christmas for all three years we lived in NY! Crazy! Isn't that a little backwards. Anyways, my Christmas holiday has been a blast spending time with my kids and Garth's family, but I've had little time to myself. Alizah also had a really weird form of Hand, Foot, and Mouth where she had a fever for 5 days straight and then got these gross mouth sores all over the inside of her mouth. She went through a whole bottle of Children's Motrin and a small bottle of infant's Tylenol during one week. It was miserable, but we survived. I'll post snow pictures and Christmas pictures as soon as I download them off my camera. For now this is all I have time for. It is already 12:45 pm and I still haven't showered. . . .life continues!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I actually went running three times within the past week! Truly amazing! I am so out of shape and my body is telling me I'm too old to run. My muscles are surviving, but my knees and my feet are killing me. What happened to my young body that could handle excercise? It had three children and wants to keep the extra "love" around. I actually have new motivation to get rid of that "love". Garth went to China on a business trip recently and he bought me this gorgeous dress. Wouldn't you know- it didn't fit. :( I couldn't even button it all the way up. Depressing! It is now hanging up in my closet doorway so I can see it all the time. This is my new motivation to lose weight and get into shape. I am determined to wear that beautiful, expensive dress! Wish me luck.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bekah's Halloween Costumes

For the ward Trunk or Treat Bekah was a 5o's girl along with her sister and friends! Don't they look adorable?

Grandma Diana sent Bekah a Tinkerbell outfit for her birthday so, of course, last minute Bekah changed her costume Halloween night from 50's girl to Tinkerbell. Thanks for the costume Grandma!

Costume Trauma!

Obviously, Alizah isn't diggin' the Elmo look!
"Get this thing off of me!"
"I'm done with this annoying hat!"

"Good Riddance!"

"What a mean mom! She still makes me wear it!"
(By the way, my costume is Wendy from Peter Pan to go along with Bekah.)

Halloween Celebrations

Alizah was happy once she realized that her adorable costume meant lots of yummy candy!

50's Twins!

This Halloween I decided to be a 50's girl. To my surprise, Shaylin was one too. My Mom took this picture, but I will show you some of my pictures soon. Shaylin and I are best friends, so it is even better if we are matching on Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharing the Blog

Hi! My name is Hannah. My Mom won't let me have my own blog so we are sharing hers. One of my hobbies is photography and I have my own camera so I will put lots of pictures on here of my friends and my favorite things.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"And then. . .blah, blah, blah!"

Alizah's loves cell phones. She carries the phone around holding it up to her ear and sits on the bottom stairs pretending to talk. Isn't she too young for that? I love this age. She is learning so much by observation. Does that mean I talk too much on the phone? Probably! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkins for FHE

These rice crispy treat pumpkins are a tradition I carried on from my childhood. Thanks Mom! We made them last night and if you can believe it they are already gone! Yummy!

Rebekah's 7th Birthday Party

Bekah received lots of birthday loot!

The girls made jewel necklaces.

Queen Titania's Crown Cake! The jewels were stolen of this cake by Jack Frost and the Green Goblins. The kids went on a treasure hunt to find them. Jack Frost and his goblins hid during the hunt and the girls used their magic jewel necklaces to send them away. This was the chant they yelled: Goblins green and Jack Frost blue, go away I don't like you! Then they threw magic fairy dust from the jewel on their necklaces to force Jack Frost and his goblins away. It was adorable to watch!

Queen Titania (that's me dressed up as the fairy Queen) reading the story about the Jewel Fairies.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

in a trance

It's been a very long time, but I've been inspired by many other bloggers. The past couple of nights I log on the computer when I should be going to bed and I'm put in a trance as I stare at the computer screen reading blogs! I guess it beats watching television. . .at least the lives of individuals with blogs are real and not in some fantasy world . . . well, most of them! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Exercise Miracle

I woke up this morning and got the girl's off to school in a timely manner. Actually, Hannah woke me up which she does most days. Isn't the parent supposed to wake up the child? Obviously I am not a morning person and Hannah has a much better concept of time than I do. Anyways, after saying goodbye to the girl's I exercised. It’s a miracle. I put on my Nike paraphernalia and off I went to meet another friend at 8:00. The treadmill and I bonded for 30 minutes and boy did it feel great. This friend is running a half marathon in June and she is tempting me to run with her. Running a marathon has always been a distant goal that I’ve only dreamed of accomplishing. A half marathon sounds a little more attainable for me, but I’m just thinking about it. Who knows it might be too late to sign up for it. I’ll let you know what I decide. I’m the type of person that needs motivation to exercise and with the help of my friend and the race, this might possibly happen.

Kids are in bed. . right?!

It is 9:45 and the kids have been in bed since 8:00. . . Or so I thought! Hannah sneakily tiptoed downstairs and poked her head the office with a little giggle. I couldn't be upset with her sweet, innocent smile. She was reading a novel to Bekah on the top bunk, but Bekah fell asleep. Hannah, our little book worm, continued to read her own book and apparently lost track of time. She couldn’t get Bekah off the top bunk so she had no choice, but to ask for help which would incriminate the fact that it is 9:45 and she is still awake. I’m not upset, but rather happy that she loves to read. However, I might change my mind in the morning when I drag her out of bed and have to deal with a grumpy child!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A New Toy

This afternoon around 2:30 I received a package from Amazon. Garth and I bought a new electronic toy . . . hmm . . . did someone receive a tax refund?!! We pulled out the camcorder last week to record Alizah’s first moments with rice cereal and the 8mm tape wouldn’t come out. Garth tried everything and finally took the whole thing apart to no avail. How could we miss all these first’s coming up in Alizah’s little life. She is 6 months old and learning so fast. We don’t want to miss anything so we decided it was time to buy a new camcorder. This is actually our third camcorder and we have three children. See the trend? We must be hard on video cameras! This time we purchased a Canon HG10 which has a hard drive and no more tapes to get stuck. I'll let you know how we end up liking it. Talk to me when we have another child! If it hasn't broken yet then we are in good shape!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Journal

I thought I'd never see the day when I would create a blog! Who has the time? Not me!. . . . or so I thought. I'm trying something new. I finally have the habit of writing in my journal daily and I finished my journal, which by the way the first entry was in 1988. Yep! It took me 20 years to finish this journal and now I need somewhere else to write down my thoughts. So here I am. We'll give this a try and see if I actually keep it up.