Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I actually went running three times within the past week! Truly amazing! I am so out of shape and my body is telling me I'm too old to run. My muscles are surviving, but my knees and my feet are killing me. What happened to my young body that could handle excercise? It had three children and wants to keep the extra "love" around. I actually have new motivation to get rid of that "love". Garth went to China on a business trip recently and he bought me this gorgeous dress. Wouldn't you know- it didn't fit. :( I couldn't even button it all the way up. Depressing! It is now hanging up in my closet doorway so I can see it all the time. This is my new motivation to lose weight and get into shape. I am determined to wear that beautiful, expensive dress! Wish me luck.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bekah's Halloween Costumes

For the ward Trunk or Treat Bekah was a 5o's girl along with her sister and friends! Don't they look adorable?

Grandma Diana sent Bekah a Tinkerbell outfit for her birthday so, of course, last minute Bekah changed her costume Halloween night from 50's girl to Tinkerbell. Thanks for the costume Grandma!

Costume Trauma!

Obviously, Alizah isn't diggin' the Elmo look!
"Get this thing off of me!"
"I'm done with this annoying hat!"

"Good Riddance!"

"What a mean mom! She still makes me wear it!"
(By the way, my costume is Wendy from Peter Pan to go along with Bekah.)

Halloween Celebrations

Alizah was happy once she realized that her adorable costume meant lots of yummy candy!

50's Twins!

This Halloween I decided to be a 50's girl. To my surprise, Shaylin was one too. My Mom took this picture, but I will show you some of my pictures soon. Shaylin and I are best friends, so it is even better if we are matching on Halloween!