Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday JoJo!

Alizah's first true friend is JoJo, a mini dachshund! Our friends share her with us and we have "adopted" JoJo and love her as part of our own family. (Mother's Note: It's quite nice because we can dog sit, visit her anytime we want, and love her like our own pet without having to take care of her full time! Highly recommend it!) Today is JoJo's 1st birthday so I thought we'd walk down JoJo memory lane!

Alizah's first of many JoJo kisses!
Chillin' with JoJo!

JoJo brings Alizah lots of smiles!

JoJo shares her favorite toys and new Christmas bed with Alizah.

What a great friend!

We love you JoJo! Happy Birthday!


  1. I read about JoJo's birthday party...too funny!

  2. So fun to see the cute pictures of JoJo with Alizah. These two really have grown up together. I love the first pic, remembering how little they both were. So fun!

  3. Alizah & Jo Jo! What a cute couple they make. Of course, Alizah would be cute next to anything....I not bias of course! I am amazed how much she loves that dog and how they have grown together. He is her best friend! What a sweet animal. Has Alizah starting barking yet? Ha, Ha!!!
    Love, Grandma Diana

  4. Hey Melissa! Your girls are just beautiful! I'm so excited you've had another little one since I last saw you. I went home to Phoenix for Christmas and I ran into Pam Barnes at church! It was so fun to see her! I hope all is well with your wonderful family.